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  • Why can’t that lower belly fat go away?? View Article

    It’s so frustrating!  You
    may be doing everything right – Pilates, Barre, HIIT, lots of core work, regular exercise, you make healthy eating choices most of the time – why do you still have lower belly fat??  Both underweight and overweight people can struggle with lower belly fat.

    Here are some of the main reasons:

    1.     You’re doing the wrong workouts

    Pilates will absolutely tone your muscles and strengthen your core.  But for most people Pilates or yoga alone isn’t the answer.  To effectively burn fat to reveal your abs beneath, you need a combination of weight and cardio training.  Why?  You may have heard that muscle burns more calories than fat.  The importance of this is that you’ll naturally burn more calories throughout the day, (ie at rest) when you have more lean muscle.  You can’t spot burn fat so it’s important to get that heart rate up and sweat! 

    2. Your workout isn’t challenging enough.

    You may need to ramp up your workouts.  Challenge your body!

    In a study published in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, people who completed a high-intensity workout regimen lost more belly than those who followed a low-intensity plan. Once you’re comfortable with a certain exercise and are performing it with correct form, challenge yourself and choose the more advance option, or pick up a heavier weight.  Try to squeeze in more reps then you did the last class.

    3. You’re stressed

    We’ve become so busy, even trying to leave work or home to make your class is stressful!  When we have so many demands on us, it’s so hard not to be even just a little stressed out.  Unfortunately, stress also causes unwanted fat.  It’s not only because we tend to make bad food choices when we’re stressed or tired, it’s also because of the hormone cortisol.  Cortisol is associated with stress, and more stress reactive women release more cortisol and have higher amounts of belly fat whether they are thin or overweight.  If you are a woman doing everything right and still struggling with female belly fat, and especially a thin woman suffering from belly fat, the primary issue for you is stress management. Maybe it’s as simple as turning everything off for ten minutes, going into a room on your own, breathing and sipping a cup of tea. 

    4. You’re tired.

    Linked to number 3! Sleep is vital indicator of overall health and well-being - this is when our bodies recover and do magical stuff.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aged between 26-64 get 7-9 hours of sleep per day.  Are you getting enough?  Prioritise your rest and recovery days. Working out and eating well isn’t enough if you’re not getting enough sleep.  You’ll workout harder and eat better after a good rest.

    Here are some exercises to do at home that target our lower abs:

    Bicycle legs

    To start: Lie down on your back with your arms down by your sides.  Extend your legs, keeping your knees slightly bent with your heels lifted about 10cm off the floor.  Engage your abs by pulling your navel in towards your spine. Imagine you are trying to poke someone with your toes! 

    Begin: Lift one knee towards your chest as far as you can while keeping the other leg extended (as if you are going to hug one knee into your chest). Pause at the top then lower and extend your leg to meet the other one.  Repeat on the other side.

    Scissor kicks (high)

    To start:  From the same start position, lift one leg to point to the ceiling while keeping your other leg extended along the floor.

    Begin: Pause for a beat then lower the top leg to bring your feet together.  Imagine your legs are as straight and strong as a soldier marching. Like your legs are the blades of scissors! Chop, chop, chop.

    Plank to Pike

    To start: Start in an elbow plank position – resting on your elbows directly beneath your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart.  Make sure that your body is in a completely straight line from your shoulders to ankles.  Press down firmly with your forearms to make your abs work harder.

    Begin: Engage your lower abs to lift hips up in the air, pressing chest back toward thighs (like in a V position or downward dog). Pause for a moment before lowering hips back into your plank.

    If you have any questions or would like us to show you some great ab exercises, just ask a Core Candy trainer!

  • BUTI Yoga Arrives in Melbourne View Article

    BUTI what? 

    Transform your body from the inside out! BUTI yoga is a movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout.

    Created in Las Vegas by trainer Bizzie Gold, the workout is super popular in the USA and is now practiced at gyms and yoga and fitness studios across the USA.  Celebrities are big fans, including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Julia Roberts.  Essentially it’s a yoga class set to cool beats, with flowing, sexy, feminine movements and a lot of core action.

    BUTI is a perfect complement to the Pilates, Barre and HIIT workouts we offer at Core Candy because BUTI yoga trains the deep abdominals, in a more intense and noticeable way than the regular yoga.  Whether you’re an advanced yogini or have never done yoga, Buti promises to offer you a soulful journey to female empowerment that will make you sweat and love every minute of it.

    From People Magazine: “BUTI yoga’s focus is on deep core engagement and working through stuck energy,” explains creator Bizzie Gold, who has trained Hewitt using the Buti yoga methodology. “Buti boosts feminine confidence, empowers women to love their bodies and builds positive body image.”

    Shannon, who was trained in New York to teach BUTI, will lead you through this awesome booty shaking, empowering workout on Saturday mornings at 10.30am.  We can’t wait!

    For a limited time, drop in booty classes will be $15 and free for members. Free your hips and shake that bootay this summer!

  • Our tips to Spring in to Shape! View Article

    Today we felt the glorious, warm sunshine of Spring in Melbourne for the first time in a long time, and we are so excited!!!  Rooftop drinks, BBQs, weddings, parties, holidays, Spring Carnival– we say “Bring on summer!!”

    But most importantly Spring is for rejuvenation. Here are seven tips for springing into shape this year:

    (1) Set a goal

    Springtime is the perfect time to make new goals!  What are your goals? Would you like to be able to run along the beach and not stop after 100 metres? Feel more confident?  Look great for a special event? Sit or stand taller? Stretch your leg a little further?  Have more work/life balance?

    Set a goal – the more specific the better.  Your goal doesn’t have to be related to weight loss or your appearance – fitness is a lifestyle.

    (2) Mix up your workouts

    We really believe that it’s important to do balanced workouts that improve your strength, cardiovascular system, balance and flexibility.  Changing up your workouts helps relieve boredom, avoid plateaus and keep your mind engaged!

    If you’ve been a regular Pilates Springboard devotee – try Barre! If you love Barre – try Accelerate (HIIT)! If you love HIIT classes – deepen your core strength and coordination and head to Pilates Springboard! Each style of class that Core Candy offers has been carefully selected to complement each other and strengthen your body from the inside out. 

    (3) Think of the benefits

    We know, we know – exercising has so many benefits – you hear it all the time.  But it’s so true!!  Who ever regrets a workout?  Here are some of the benefits: better mood, better sleep (which contributes to better mood!), better concentration and decision making, more youthful appearance, weight loss, improved confidence, improved muscle strength, more efficient heart (= less heart disease), increased lung capacity (= better metabolic function), decreased risk of diabetes, higher bone density (= decreased risk of osteoporosis), the list goes on.  Exercise is so important in our sedentary lifestyle that more and more workplaces are implementing wellness programs – the benefits of exercise are clear. 

    (4) Schedule workouts in your calendar (the one that you look at the most) and stick to them!

    Treat your scheduled workouts like an important calendar entry – one that can’t be cancelled!  But be realistic – you don’t need to work out 7 times a week – schedule the number of workouts per week that you can stick to on a long term basis. Why?  You’ll put more into those workouts (even if it’s just one) and in turn get more out of them.

    (5) Exercise with a friend or family member and make it a regular thing

    Our clients are far more likely to make classes when they bring someone who they love spending time with. We all know it makes you feel more accountable but the real reasons are 1) you try harder in class and 2) socialising makes exercising more fun! 

    (6) Buy something new!

    Everyone looks forward to wearing new things!  Buy something that you can’t wait to wear to class.  It could be a fantastic new tank, new shoes, exercise tracker, even a new bag!

    (7) Reward yourself 

    What do you love to do after class?  Order yourself a well-deserved coffee after an early morning class?  Make or buy yourself a delicious fresh smoothie or juice?  Have a glass of red at the end of the day? Cook a delicious pasta? Book a massage or pedicure? Reward yourself, this in itself will make you look forward to your workout and create a routine that’s hard to break.

    For more information about any of the classes at Core Candy, call us on 9939 1084 or email info@corecandy.com.au.  We’re here to help!

  • Our round up of the best gym bags! View Article

     With the ever increasing, ever stylish selection of activewear in our stores these days it's hard to think of a reason not to wear it.  But when it becomes necessary to wear "other" clothes, what do you carry your  fun, comfy, activewear in?

    Here is our round up of the best studio bags - they're just as stylish as your kicks these days!

    For everyone:

    Lululemon Gym to Win

    We're loving the print and the pop of colour on the long strap.  It has heaps of pockets for everything you need post-class, and you can even secure a mat underneath it.

    For the classic lady:

    Country Road Metallic Logo Tote;

    The classic Country Road duffel never goes out of style.  This one has a fun metallic gold print.  Buy some cute metallic sneakers to match!

    For the fashionista:

    Adidas by Stella McCartney Big Bag

    If it's quilted, it's for me.  This is a splurge but it's too pretty to only use as a gym bag.  Use it as your every day handbag!

    For those that run everywhere:

    Lululemon Kickin It Back Backpack

    Loving this backpack and the cool details.  It's a beautiful shade of purple, the zipper details are perfection and the wet/dry storage compartments are genius.  The perfect bag to take anywhere you need to go from the studio, work, the beach, you name it. Backpacks can be stylish!

  • How many classes per week should I do? It may be less than you think! View Article

    Our clients often ask us about how many classes they should do each week for effective results.

    The optimum amount of classes that we recommend per week depends on the type and intensity of the class you are doing.   The higher the intensity of the classes, the less you need to do, and the more time you need to allow your body to recover in between sessions.  In fact, less frequent, short, high intensity training sessions are not only super effective - they will allow you to enjoy other things in your life! Generally speaking, for beginners we recommend no more than two to three sessions a week.  For others, no more than four sessions per week.    Ideally everyone would do one HIIT session, and one to three Pilates or Barre sessions per week.   “Our bodies and minds need to be challenged. If your routine is the same every day your body goes into auto pilot mode. Switching it up creates a great kind of body/mind confusion. Not only will results start to happen but you will be an overall better athlete.” Why?  1. Rest days are so important: The changes to your body (increased strength, improved cardio fitness, fat loss) come after training – during the recovery period – not during the training session itself.  Allowing your body to heal and recover is an essential part of the training process. 2. Increasing the amount of training sessions per week that you do won’t result in more improvement – actually the opposite happens.  If you don’t allow your body to properly recover between sessions, it puts you at risk of “overtraining”.  Overtraining leads to diminishing returns (the more you train, the lower the rate of improvement), training plateaus and eventually injury.  If you’ve been injured before – you know how it can quickly remove any fitness achievements -  very discouraging! 3. Fitness and healthy eating is a lifestyle – not a sprint.  Very few people can keep up an exercise routine of 5-7 sessions per week for long periods of time.  You will eventually tire of this, your body will be fatigued and it will lead to taking “time off” from fitness and losing the benefits of all the hard work you have put in.

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