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  • 9 Nov 2014 - Introducing Fiona View Article

    Our new instructor Fiona Di Carlo hails from London, England.  Fiona is a professional musician as well as an amazing instructor! Fiona has over 9 years experience in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry, working in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates and Management. She believes in a holistic and functional approach to exercise and draws on her Pilates, fitness and psychology background to ensure you are working to your full potential. Fiona is so inspiring - her classes are fun and challenging, and ultimately really rewarding.  You can catch Fiona teaching Accelerate and Pilates at Core Candy.

    Fiona shares with us the food she’s obsessed with, her secret talents, and more…

    1.     What food can you not live without?

    Any of my husband’s pasta dishes! He is Sicilian and definitely knows how to make a good pasta.

    2.     Last book you read? 

    Gone Girl

    3.     What are your biggest indulgences?

    Refer to question 2! Plus a glass or two of a good red.

    4.     Which beauty products do you swear by?

    Dr Bronner liquid soap in Lavender, Priori's Idebenone range, Lanolips lip ointment, Alpha Keri bath oil.

    5.     What's the best gift you've received?

    My new Volkswagen Golf...a surprise gift from my husband a few months ago! (Lucky girl!)

    6.     Which apps are you obsessed with?

    Essential Anatomy (a bit geeky I know!), Spotify, Pinterest, Instagram.

    7.     What is your go-to karaoke/shower song? 

    Roxette or Fleetwood Mac

    8.     What's the screensaver on your phone/computer?

    Me and my 3 siblings.

    9.     What item in your closet do you wear the most?

    My leather jacket

    10. What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

    Get Lucky by Daft Punk

    11. What's your secret talent? 

    I'm a professional cellist and used to play in a band for many years in London.

    12. Best advice you ever received?

    Don't let self-doubt hold you back from achieving your dreams!

    13. Favourite exercise?

    Favourite Pilates exercise: leg stretch with small stability ball under pelvis. Great for core strength but also challenges stability...plus it feels quite nice, which is a bonus!

  • Get out of the slump – tips for perfect posture View Article

    Have you ever noticed how babies and young children sit up perfectly
    straight with ease?  And they look so proud and happy? As we age, bad habits like slouching and inactivity cause muscle fatigue and tension and ultimately lead to poor posture.

    Why do we care? 

    Our posture really affects our appearance – standing tall makes you look taller, thinner and more confident.  One reason that clothes look immaculate on models is that models always stand tall, making the clothes fall and fit better.

    Our posture affects our health!  When we slouch, in addition to throwing off our natural balance, we crowd our internal organs.  This can result in sluggish digestion, which can lead to problems from dull skin to a protruding “pooch” of a stomach (when you slouch over, your internal organs have nowhere to go but down and out) and to overall weight gain.

    Let’s fix it

    The first step to better posture is simply being aware of it. Look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions:

    -        do you stand with your weight on one leg? 

    -        do you lock your knees when you stand? 

    -        do you roll in or out on your feet (hint: check the soles or heels of your shoes!)

    -        are your shoulders rounded forward? 

    -        is your chest lifted?

    -        is one shoulder lower than the other?

    -        is any part of your back rounded?

    -        does your tummy stick out? 

    And when you checked yourself out – did you stand taller?  If so, keep that up – you’re one step close to better posture.

    Throughout the day, think about your posture and focus on the following tips:

    -        keep your chest lifted!  Imagine you have a large headlight on your chest – keep it steady and shining outward

    -        roll your shoulders back and keep them down – well away from your ears

    -        stay long in your waist to avoid crowding your organs.  Try to create space between your bottom ribs and hips - imagine you are wearing a corset.

    -        keep your knees soft (or a little bent) rather than locked in straight

    -        keep your stomach engaged – so rather than simply sucking in, pull your ab muscles “in”(towards your spine) and “up” (towards the back of your neck)  

    -        keep your spine in a straight line, from its base through to the crown of your head.  Imagine helium balloons are tied to your waist and lifting you up!

    -        don’t look down – keep your gaze up!

    -        breathe!

    The key to improving your posture in the long run is a stronger core  - a strong core is essential to any movement and helps stabilise and protect your spine.  Pilates is ideal for strengthening your core.

    At Core Candy we incorporate simple Pilates exercises in all styles of classes – including Barre and Accelerate – and focus on your form so that you get the most out of the work you are putting in to your workout.

    For any questions or tips on improving your posture or areas you feel you need more work on, feel free to contact one of the Core Candy team members.

  • 23 Oct 2014 - ​Barre – have you tried it yet? View Article

    Miranda Kerr, Sarah Murdoch, Samantha Armytage, Megan Gale, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Madonna, and the Victoria’s Secret models have been doing this style of workout for years  - but what exactly is Barre?

    Barre workouts have been popular in the US for many years now but are relatively new to Australia.  The low-impact, full body workout is designed to give you a long, lean, dancer-like physique including a firm, lifted bottom! The reason they have become so popular in recent years is that they actually provide results.  With consistency, you will find that your body becomes slimmer and more toned – perfect for summer!

    While all Barre workouts differ, most methods incorporate exercises done at the ballet barre for support, combined with elements of ballet, cardio dance and Pilates. The basic technique was developed by German dancer Lotte Berk, who opened a studio in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York in the 1970s.  Lotte Berke inspired many of the current Barre methods. 

    Candice Brown developed the Core Candy Barre method based on her years of experience in dance performance and teaching Pilates and Barre in some of the most popular studios in New York and San Francisco.  Candice found that form and technique would often take a backseat in many of the popular Barre workout classes and consequently, the classes were not as effective or as safe as they could be.  She developed the Core Candy Barre method based on sound Pilates principles and exercises that are safe for the body without sacrificing fun or results. 

    Participating in our Barre classes will strengthen, tone and balance your whole body, as well as increase your flexibility.  Our method consists of highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises.  We focus on your core, arms, seat and thighs, and then stretch out and lengthen your worked muscles to promote flexibility. We will use light weights, therabands, small balls and of course the ballet barre to help you get that dancer’s body. You'll walk out after this class with a skip in your step, glistening brow and the upstanding posture of a trained dancer.  

    Core Candy’s Barre classes are multi-level and are appropriate all fitness levels, experience and body sizes.  The class is primarily a fitness class and so no dance experience is necessary!!

    Feel free to email us at info@corecandy.com.au if you have any questions about our Barre classes or any of the other classes that we offer (Pilates and HIIT). We’re here to help you!

  • 20 Oct 2014 - What is HIIT? View Article

    A lot of people have asked us “What is HIIT?”  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval
    Training and describes any workout that alternates between short, intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity (or rest).  The aim is to keep up your heart rate and fire up your metabolism (thanks to “afterburn”).  What does this mean for me? You’ll burn calories and fat for many hours after the workout.

    HIIT workouts are really popular in the US for many reasons, but mainly because they are effective, efficient and make you feel really good (well, at least after you are done!)

    It sounds frightening, I know.  Although I love fitness I am more of a low impact workout person (love lying down on squishy mats and reformers!)  The thought of going to a HIIT class after a tiring day in the office (or even more tiring, a day at home with my 2 little ones!) was dreadful.  But I’m a working mum with little spare time and I wanted an efficient workout that I didn’t have to do every day to see results.

    After my first HIIT workout, I felt exhausted and emotional.  Yet I also felt like an athlete ready to take on the world! I made myself go to a second HIIT class and a third, and now I can honestly say that I love them.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that you get after the workout is done, when the lights are dimmed and we are stretching out to fantastic cool down music.  I also love that I know that I got in a good workout -- sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    Accelerate is Core Candy’s signature HIIT workout.  Derived from popular workouts currently offered in New York City, the Accelerate class is a strength cardio hybrid class.  We use springs, kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands and other props to challenge you. Every day offers a new combination of exercises and props to keep you on your toes and avoid boredom!

    The best part?  Everyone in the class participates in the exercises at the same time.  We find that the group setting really helps with motivation, provides encouragement and increases personal energy levels.  The other day in a class, a guy doing the exercises next to me said “come on, you can do it!” (goodness knows what my face looked like at that moment!), and that pushed me to find the energy to get it done.

    Try it out – I’ll see you in class!

  • 17 Sep 2014 - I think I can View Article

      “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” - these are the words from my daughter’s favourite book, The Little Engine That Could, that I have been chanting in the back of my mind for the last many months as we embarked on our journey to establish Core Candy. Little by little, we inched up the hill, facing many bumps, challenges, tears and joy along the way. With our opening day around the corner, I’m starting to think that we will actually make it to the top of that hill!!

    The new studio is ready and looking absolutely amazing, better than I could have imagined. We have two new custom workout spaces – the Barre room and the Cardio room.

    Walking into the Barre room is like a childhood dream come true. Light streams in from oversized windows, reflecting off the new timber floors. Mirrors and the ballet barres line the walls. Unfortunately I am not, and have never been, a ballerina, but I love to pretend! The Barre room is where our Barre and Pilates mat classes will be held.

    The front Cardio studio also has oversized windows that look out on to Chapel Street. My favourite thing about the Cardio room is that it features an exposed brick wall with lettering dating back to the early 1900s. We were thrilled when we discovered this feature as we chipped off the ugly plaster that covered the beautiful bricks! The Cardio room houses the Accelerate (our signature high intensity interval training class) and Pilates springboard classes.

    We’ll open the Core Candy doors to the public on Monday, 29 September. We’re offering free Barre, Pilates and Accelerate (our signature high intensity interval training class) from 29 September through to 5 October.

    We’re really excited to welcome to you in to Core Candy and hope you love our studio as much as I do.

    Candice (O) xoxo