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what is core candy?

Core Candy is a boutique fitness studio in South Yarra, Melbourne,
inspired by the vibrant fitness scene of New York.  We deliver fun, addictive, body-changing workouts in a motivating, small class environment. 

Our classes offer something for everyone and for every mood  – we offer Barre workouts, high intensity functional training workouts (HIIT), Boxing, Mat and Springboard Pilates, Mums & Bubs Pilates and an amazing stretch and restore class to renew your body and mind (RRR).  All of our classes are complementary and have been curated so you can achieve the best results. A little bit of HIIT, some booty Barre, some badass boxing and the balance of mindful Pilates.  

No prior experience is required for any of our general classes – our instructors will modify exercises or demonstrate alternatives to ensure that you get the most out of your class, no matter your gender or level of experience.  You don't need to be fit to try, getting you fit is our job.

We are boutique.  We're not a gym. We're not priced like a gym. Our classes are capped at 10-15 people, depending on the class. Our two light filled studio rooms (the Grace Studio and Grit Studio) have been custom made – think luxe, Tribeca apartment.  Our studio is intimate, not intimidating, our music is motivating and our instructors are friendly and expert - each brings a unique perspective and style to their class. We want our passion to be yours.

 If you want to change your body but can’t find the motivation to do it alone, or simply want to add some variety to your current routine – Core Candy is for you.

What our clients say about us:

"I absolutely love coming to Core Candy! The girls are amazing and not one class is the same as the other. I've tried HIIT, Boxing, Barre and Pilates and love every single one of them. The studio is beautiful and the energy in there is incredible - always lots of laughter and smiles! I've been with them since the start and they are always innovating and thinking of different ways to make us work harder and feel amazing. Without a doubt the best studio I've tried in Melbourne! I definitely heart candy!"  - Camilla

"Not only do I feel like I'm getting results, I really enjoy the classes and atmosphere. All your trainers are delightful, fun music, super clean studios and fantastic all round workouts. I couldn't rate it more highly!" - Annie

"Core Candy is my fave workout place! Every single class pushes me to my limits. I feel very accomplished and rejuvenated after each class."  - Sarah

"Great class, challenging and I could really feel my core stabilizing my body to balance!" - Kim



Core Candy Barre is a fun and vivacious class designed to strengthen, tone and balance the whole body, as well as increase your flexibility.   Our method consists of highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises that focus on your core, arms, seat, legs and inner thighs, followed by stretching to lengthen out your worked muscles. We draw elements from ballet, Pilates and cardio exercises, all set to popular and energetic music. Integrated into each class is the use of light weights, therabands, small balls and of course the ballet barre. This is no aerobics class

This is a fitness class - dance experience is not necessary!   You'll walk out of class with a skip in your step, glistening brow and the upstanding posture of a trained dancer. And to top it all off, it's all weight bearing exercise which means we use our own body weight to achieve long, lean muscles.  Barre is for beginners and all levels of fitness and experience. 

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hiit (high intensity interval training)


Increase your endurance, strength and flexibility and rapidly accelerate toward goals you didn't even know you had.  Accelerate is our signature high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Extensive science and research validate that total body workouts, with intervals of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that include both resistance and cardio, are the most effective.  Did you know that as little as 27 minutes of HIIT three times per week produces the same anaerobic and aerobic improvement as 60 minutes of steady state cardio five times per week? Sounds great to us! 

Our class consists of quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by active recovery which gets your heart pumping, boosts your metabolism and allows you to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you've left the studio (due to Afterburn!). We incorporate cardio and strength training with the use of springs, kettle bells, medicine balls, plyo boxes and resistance bands. The energy of our small group class helps you to find the motivation to push yourself that extra step and you'll realise that you weren't working out hard enough before.  Every day offers a new combination of exercises and props to always keep you on your toes and to completely challenge the total body - avoiding fitness plateaus and boredom. It's a personal training experience in a group atmosphere.

Accelerate classes are for any gender and ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS as the exercises are easily adaptable to suit your abilities and needs.  


Boxing HIIT is a spin on our signature high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. It is a HIIT workout that includes badass boxing moves, cardio and strength training for a full body workout. Tone your upper body, get in some cardio and release your stress! Boxing HIIT is for ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS.

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The Pilates Springboard provides an invigorating full-body workout! The Springboard is modelled after an original piece of apparatus created by Joe Pilates, called the Cadillac.  The Springboard was recently developed in New York to enable all the wonderful work from the Cadillac to be used in a class setting.  

The Springboard is a board attached to the wall, lined with eyelets on which the springs attach. We use arm springs and leg springs to strengthen and tone your body as well as improve your core stability. A lot of Pilates work is done lying down and the Springboard allows you to be up on your feet, perfecting your posture and balance. No major injuries please!


Introduce an athletic element to your Pilates practice! Our Power Pilates Springboard class is merges low impact circuit training on our custom slide boards with Pilates Springboard.  So you will get your heart pumping in a low impact, knee friendly, full body workout.  With all the benefits of Pilates combined with low impact cardio, this class will challenge the whole body in a fun, fast paced workout.


Power Pilates + Barre is part of our Power Pilates series of classes which bring a more athletic element to your Pilates practice.  This is a "Pilates/Barre fusion" class - meaning that we combine the best elements of Pilates and Barre (we spend approximately half of the class doing Pilates exercises and the other half of the class using the Barre).  

  Taught to the beat of energising music, you will experience a core-centric, full body toning workout. By using a combination of hand weights, bands, the ballet barre and various other props, your body will stay consistently challenged for noticeable results. Suitable for all levels.

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What makes Core Candy different?

We focus on form and function.  We give you exercises for a reason! Our classes are small and our super friendly instructors will walk around the class offering adjustments and encouragement to ensure you get the most out of your workout.
We offer varied workouts that are innovative and challenging.  We care about music.  Music inspires and motivates.  Our studio is stylish and a little edgey – think of a trendy, warehouse apartment in Tribeca.  

What is Barre?

Barre workouts are designed to give you a long, lean, dancer-like physique.  While all barre workouts differ slightly in structure, most methods incorporate exercises done at the ballet barre for support.  Barre exercises rely mainly on one’s bodyweight for resistance and the exercises challenge your core stability and balance.  The basic technique was developed by German dancer Lotte Berk, who opened a studio in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York in the 1970s.  Lotte Berke inspired many of the current barre methods.  
Our method consists of highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises with emphasis on core, arms, glutes and thighs, followed by stretching to lengthen out your worked muscles.  We draw elements from ballet, Pilates, fitness and cardio dance, all set to popular and energetic music.

Do I need any dance experience?

No!  No prior dance experience (or coordination!) is required.  Our exercises are designed to be simple, yet fun and effective.

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is our signature high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.  Our class consists of quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by active recovery which are scientifically proven as a method of exercise to elevate heart rate and boost metabolism allowing you to burn calories for many hours after you've left the studio.  Accelerate incorporates cardiovascular and strength training with the use of springs, kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights and of course, your own body weight.

What is Pilates Springboard?

Joseph Pilates founded the Pilates method of exercise over 100 years ago.  Pilates has been the secret of dancers and performers since the late 1920s and in recent years it has been discovered by athletes, models and actors to condition their bodies.  Pilates principles focus on abdominal control, breathing, posture, alignment, toning and stretching.  The exercises are designed to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture, provide flexibility and balance, prevent injury and unite body and mind and create a more streamlined shape all while training your body to be more efficient in everyday movement (phew!). The Pilates Springboard is a board attached to the wall, lined with eyelets on which the resistance springs are clipped. We use arm springs, leg springs and a roll-down bar made of wood to perform all of the traditional Pilates repertoire used in Mat, Cadillac and some reformer exercises

What happens if I'm late for class?

Please try to arrive on time! If you don't arrive on time for class, your reservation may be given to another client on the stand-by or waitlist and your reservation will be considered a late cancel.  Unfortunately, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late, we won't be able to let you join the class due to safety considerations.

I'm a beginner, are Core Candy classes right for me?

Absolutely!  Although our classes are challenging, this challenge is completely tailored to your ability, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.  We focus on basic exercises that do not require expert coordination, flexibility or strength and are all easily scaled up or down depending on your ability.  With small class sizes and lots of personal attention, you'll find Core Candy to be a welcoming environment.

I'm working with a physical limitation, is Core Candy right for me?

Reach out and introduce yourself to your instructor prior to the class, or to us at info@corecandy.com.au.  Our instructors will happily work with you to find the best variations and modifications to accommodate your needs, while still offering a tough full-body workout.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable workout clothes that allow you to move freely are best.  For Barre and most Pilates classes shoes are not required, but you may like to wear grip socks (especially in Winter!).  Runners are required for our Accelerate (HIIT), Boxing, CORE and Power Pilates Springboard classes. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a class, we ask that you do so at least 4 hours prior to the start of the class through our online booking system (or through our downloadable App) ("cancellation window"). Cancellations made within the cancellation window will not be charged to your account. If you cancel less than 4 hours before the start of your class, cancellations will be considered late cancellations and you will be charged for that class.  Cancellations via phone or email unfortunately can't be accepted. 

Are there changing facilities and showers?

Our studio has changing facilities, toilets and complimentary toiletries. We do not have shower facilities at this time.

I'd like to be a Core Candy trainer – how do I apply?

Please contact us at info@corecandy.com.au.  We are always on the look out for energetic, motivated instructors!

Any other questions?  Please email us! info@corecandy.com.au - we'd love to hear from you.

Ready to give us a try? We can't wait to meet you! 

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Ashlee Grunberg

Ashlee is from Melbourne and is a level 2 APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) qualified instructor with a long interest and deep understanding of the Pilates Method that comes from her background in dance and circus arts. Ashlee has been teaching Pilates since 2009. When Ashlee is not in the studio she can be found performing in various circus shows around Australia. Her extensive studies at NICA, Circus OZ and various recognised dance institutions strongly influence her teaching style. As a circus artist and aerialist, Ashlee performed and lived in Paris before returning to Australia to continue sharing her love of movement and Pilates with others.


Brad Inness

Australian born Brad Inness graduated from the Australian Dance & Performance Institute in 2007 with an Advanced Diploma. He then travelled performing internationally for 10 years for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, taking him to Miami, Florida and around the Caribbean performing musical theatre production shows and following this to London where he featured in Franz Ferdinand “Love Illumination” music video and worked with The Kooks and many other upcoming artists. Working alongside Combination Dance Company, Brad has performed at one of London’s biggest venues Twickenham Rugby Stadium, the Adelphi Theatre, West End and has toured Europe and the Middle East. Brad has also taught and choreographed at some of London’s top studios; Pineapple, Frame (Shoreditch) and Soho House, where he trained celebrities Florence Welsch, David Schwimmer and Minnie Driver, and worked for companies such as Nike, Sweaty Betty & Lululemon. Branching out into the fitness industry Brad has designed Barre and Fitness classes for exclusive London Berlin and Belgium studios. Suffice to say we are pretty stoked to add Core Candy to this list! You can expect to work hard in Brad's Barre classes, his energetic and unique approach to Barre will have you beach body ready in no time, utilizing small hand weights, resistant bands and Pilates equipment with elements of Dance/Yoga/Pilates and fitness throughout all to his unique playlist. Be prepared to sweat and be inspired! 

Sammy Klodzinsky

Sammy has been practicing Pilates for over a decade. It was through her practice that she discovered her passion for connecting with not only the body but also with the mind, and found a deep passion for becoming in tune with the body and the breath.
Sammy completed her first training with Core Pilates New York, where she lived, practiced and taught for three years. Once relocating back to her hometown of Melbourne in 2017 she furthered her Pilates and Barre training with Essence of Living Training Academy. Sammy carries with her a strong love and constant drive to grow herself and her students further. She is constantly working towards becoming stronger and is here to share her passion for Pilates and Barre with the community. Attending regular workshops and courses to further her practice and knowledge, Sammy delivers strong and fun classes with a passion for alignment and creating long, lean muscles

Chimene Steele-Prior

Chimene is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Originally from NSW, Chimene trained at the New Zealand School of Dance for three years graduating with a Diploma of Dance Performance. Following this Chimene attained a Bachelor of Performing Arts (DANCE) as a member of LINK Dance Company (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts).

Chimene has toured nationally and internationally with independent contemporary choreographers and as a dancer and actor with Opera Australia for the last ten years. Her own choreography was nominated for a Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation in 2014. She is one of only 32 Countertechnique teachers in the world.

Chimene is STOTT trained Pilates Matwork instructor and has taught Barre classes since 2014. She has an unending passion for movement and the body and loves to share this with others. Her classes are high energy, with a combination functional fitness, small and long flowing movement to get the blood pumping and energy moving freely throughout the body.

Kyle Murdock

Kyle grew up on a farm in Geelong and has always been up for a new challenge.  He loves to be active - some of his favourite past-times are skateboarding, fencing, boxing, running, touch footy and rock climbing.  He was first introduced to Pilates on holiday in New York  and although he thought he was pretty active he found it to be super challenging!  He's recently suffered from back and shoulder injuries due to heavy lifting and rock-climbing and has found the knowledge he has gained from his Pilates practice and education, to be really helpful to prevent injury.  Fast forward and he's now a certified Pilates, fitness and boxing instructor and our favourite man on the Core Candy team.  You may see Kyle sipping coffees on Chapel Street, playing in his band around Melbourne or skateboarding down High Street.

Zoe Styles

Zoe has always been in to health and fitness, and loved to dance from a young age. She was first introduced to Pilates following an injury whilst training for a marathon, and it really helped get her body back on track. Barre was a natural progression from Pilates, and after a few classes she was hooked. Zoe decided to make the move from the corporate world a few years ago, completing her Certificate IV in Pilates, and she also holds several Barre certifications.  She offers upbeat and varied classes, ensuring her clients get the most of their workout, with lots of booty burn and fun along the way!

Anna Karen Martin (Owner)

Originally from New Zealand, Anna was a professional dancer (jazz and cabaret/burlesque) and dance teacher before becoming qualified as a Pilates instructor here in Melbourne. Following a dance-related injury more than 10 years ago, Anna commenced her Pilates journey, and Pilates quickly became a staple in her weekly routine. Anna is a huge advocate of the Pilates Method and its benefits - not only in relation to injury prevention, strength and performance enhancement for elite athletes and dancers, but also to improve the safety and efficiency of functional movement in everyday life. 

Anna's expertise and passion as a Pilates instructor fuses with her flare as a dance teacher in the delivery of her Barre classes. Anna's Barre workouts are dynamic, fun and engaging, inspired by the original Lotte Berk method and retaining elements of classical ballet technique. They promise to challenge lower and upper body strength, balance, coordination and stamina, all with an overlay of technical dance, and to great music!  Along with Barre and Pilates Anna also teaches HIIT and CORE classes at Core Candy. Be prepared to sweat and to laugh!